SUL4R-PLUS® Fertilizer

As part of our range of Total Gypsum Management (TGM) solutions, SUL4R-PLUS® fertilizer, a new patent-pending granular calcium sulfate product, makes sulfur application easier, enhances soil quality and improves production of all crops. Because of its uniform granule size, SUL4R-PLUS calcium sulfate can be applied with other dry inputs, and spreads evenly for superior coverage. And because it is a sulfate, it starts working almost on contact.

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SUL4R-PLUS BORON® fertilizer and SUL4R-PLUS® ZINC fertilizer options are now available!


Charah and LG&E Unveil SUL4R-PLUS® Product Manufacturing Facility

LG&E, Charah and government officials open one-of-a-kind beneficial use facility