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Oct 04

POWER Magazine Article “Addressing the Increased Need to Decommission Power Plants in a Sustainable Manner”

The latest issue of POWER Magazine feature article, “Addressing the Increased Need to Decommission Power Plants in a Sustainable Manner,” written by Charah Solutions Vice President of Operations, Scott Reschly, details the importance of utilities to select the right partner and implement a sound plan for the decommissioning power plants to ensure both environmental and economic success. If the right steps are taken, decommissioning, remediating, and reclamation of a coal-fired power plant site can create enormous opportunity to revitalize an area and improve the community, while also eliminating the utility’s environmental risk and liabilities.

Charah Solutions has had great success utilizing its decommissioning and Environmental Risk Transfer (ERT) services model with multiple utilities around the country, which provides upfront costs savings to the utility and ongoing partnership throughout the reclamation process. This article outlines the Charah Solutions ERT projects that include Gibbons Creek Steam Electric Station and Reservoir in Grimes County, Texas, Consumers Energy’s former B.C. Cobb Generating Facility near Muskegon Lake in Muskegon, Michigan, and Avon Lake Generating Station in Avon Lake, Ohio.

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