Ash Pond Management & Closure


Charah has 25 years of experience in ash pond excavation, management and closure including Clean Closure and Cap-in-Place closure solutions. We take pride in our ability to customize each coal ash impoundment project to suit the specific needs of the utility and ensure compliance with all EPA mandated coal combustion residuals (CCR) regulations and deadlines.

Proven experience in pond excavation

Charah has proven experience in CCR pond management for power plants that use a wet slurry method for ash handling. Working in ash ponds or managing the slurry ash can present unusual operating challenges. Charah’s decades of experience includes many pond projects with various operating challenges, allowing us to address even the most difficult access requirements. We have a proven track record in performing challenging ash pond excavation projects, while supporting ongoing operating conditions at the power plant without interruption related to ash management. We also can meet the utility’s ash pond management needs by performing dredging, excavating or implementing a dry removal process.

Whether the needs are for excavation of settled ash from an active pond or maintaining daily removal of current production ash, Charah has the experience to complete the operations while keeping the pond operating in compliance and ready to receive ash slurry.

Custom ash pond closure

Whether it is Clean Closure or Cap-in-Place, no two pond closures are exactly the same and utilities need the benefit of a customized approach to provide exact solutions that each specific challenge requires. At Charah, we partner with utilities at every phase of the process to develop comprehensive pond closure plans to meet the EPA mandated guidelines and deadline. Our proven experience and expertise address every regulatory, engineering and technical issue – on time and on budget.

Regulatory & technical solutions

To meet the challenges of current regulatory requirements on ash surface impoundments, Charah provides total technical solutions that offer utilities an economic alternative to traditional approaches. To address the EPA’s recent CCR Rule and subsequent deadline for implementation, Charah has innovative engineering solutions to assist our clients from start to finish. New EPA rules include requirements that increase the costs of wet slurry ash handling and/or will likely result in closure of ash surface impoundments. New effluent guideline changes also increase the costs involved in conventional wastewater treatment. As a result, traditional approaches to dry handling of ash leave utilities with segmented choices that are expensive and leave a large part of the “miscellaneous wastewaters” without an adequate solution. With traditional approaches, dealing with the non-ash wastewaters requires separate treatment systems that drive up the total compliance costs.

With Charah you get one solution that addresses multiple compliance programs at an economical price, ash surface impoundment problems solved and non-ash wastewaters treated all in one simple process.

Charah offers an economical integrated solution for addressing ash rules and effluent requirements without disruption to the power plants. Charah’s integrated solution will allow plants to cease sluicing ash well before the EPA mandated deadline and provide treatment capabilities for meeting the upcoming effluent guidelines.