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Concrete Producer SCMs Flyer

Our Versatile SCM Lineup. Your Business Advantage.

Look to Charah Solutions for the most responsive, reliable and complete supply of fly ash and other supplementary cementitious materials (SCMs) from our MultiSource® materials network. Our MultiSource network is built with concrete producers in mind and includes nearly 40 nationwide locations with international sourcing and distribution.

Your Complete Solution. Plus MultiSource.

Our Complete SCM product lineup gives you the product and sourcing advantages you need to stay ahead of the competition. It includes:

  • Class C Fly Ash
  • Class F Fly Ash
  • MultiCemTM Slag Cement
  • Bottom Ash
  • Gypsum
  • Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC) Slag
  • MultiPozz™ Pozzolan
  • Kiln Feed Products
  • Cement Raw Materials/Process Additions

Concrete producers demand the quality that Charah Solutions SCMs bring to every project, with all the advantages of added strength, durability, increased workability and improved finish product quality in both the hardened and plastic state.

Our MultiSource network ensures that you have the complete offering of SCMs you need when you need it and where you need it. We have the deeply talented and dedicated staff, the equipment and the product availability to keep you continuously supplied. And you can be sure that we maintain close, always in-touch communications with our utility partners in order to optimize distribution to every one of our concrete customers.

Our dedicated team has built many excellent relationships with utilities around the country, which provides us with a real advantage when it comes to providing our customers with a continuous supply of SCMs. We stand ready to help you optimize your use of SCMs – including fly ash and MultiCem slag cement.


MultiCem Slag Cement. Reduced Cost.
Increased Durability and Quality.

Our MultiCem slag cement is a sustainable product produced by grinding GBFS, a byproduct of steel production, and can be added in the production of concrete and cement. MultiCem provides strength, durability, improved finish and consistent performance in concrete, and can be used at higher replacement rates than some other SCMs, reducing your overall cost of operation as well as the overall carbon footprint.

Our versatile grinding technology allows for rapid development of MultiCem slag cement and pozzolans across our MultiSource materials network to supply concrete producers when and where demand is highest – at a reduced cost. MultiCem provides additional resource supply to our broad lineup of sustainable byproduct materials to ensure that concrete producers have a consistent supply of SCMs without having to resort to higher cost resources.

Our MultiSource materials network includes over 25 nationwide locations with international sourcing and distribution as well as national network of barge, rail and truck services for quick and reliable supply across the country. We are known for excellent quality, safety and on-time delivery all supported by our Charah Solutions sales and service team recognized for our unrelenting customer service.

MultiSource® is a trademark of Charah, LLC in the United States.