subcontractor prequalification


Charah Solutions has partnered with Avetta, a subcontractor prequalification and compliance management service, to ensure a safe and sustainable workplace for all Charah Solutions employees and subcontractors. We require all subcontractors to complete the Avetta Prequalification and Safety Review process.

To become approved to work with Charah Solutions, an interested subcontractor must meet the following requirements:

  • Be a registered member of Avetta with an active account.
  • Submit and complete a Prequalification Form including documentation as outlined by Charah Solutions and Avetta at
  • Be in compliance with the Charah Solutions criteria including, but not limited to, meeting Charah Solutions insurance requirements and environmental, health and safety (EHS) criteria. EHS criteria includes OSHA Forms, Experience Modification Rates (EMR), and Safety Manual Review. More information about these requirements will be supplied during the Avetta Prequalification process.

The Prequalification process for Charah Solutions through Avetta includes the following steps:

  1. Become a registered member of Avetta. Register online at the Avetta site at
  2. Complete a prequalification form (PQF). Complete and submit a qualification form to Avetta (or update your form, if you are already a member of Avetta).
  3. Submit to your insurance certificate to Avetta.
  4.  Submit an electronic copy of your safety manual to Avetta.
  5. Complete the required annual update each January (OSHA Forms, EMR, questionnaires).




There is a cost to join Avetta, but Charah Solutions believes the benefits outweigh the costs:

  • MARKETPLACE – Enjoy exclusive access to discounted products and services and preferred rates with insurance providers to drive your business forward.
  • DISCOVERABILITY – Exposure to 450+ Avetta clients and employment opportunities within the vast, location-based Avetta ecosystem.
  • SUPPORT – Dedicated, helpful Avetta representatives assist in compliance support, prequalification, documentation, and much more.
  • SIMPLICITY – Avetta suppliers avoid unnecessary forms, upload documents easily, update their profiles any time, and spend less on costly advertising vehicles.




If you have any questions, please contact Avetta customer service at 800-506-7427 or go to