Charah Solutions provides a wide array of services to meet coal combustion residuals (CCR) management and landfill operation needs, including landfill design and construction, operations, management and closure. Annually we handle millions of tons of CCRs generated at multiple coal-fired power plants.

Fly Ash Disposal

Charah Solutions is focused on the efficient collection and transportation of fly ash to reduce operating costs while complying with environmental regulations. Our experience working in a wide variety of locations has given us exposure to and the expertise to handle a broad range of site conditions. Our employees are equipped to load, haul and place ash either at a disposal site located on the power plant property or at an alternative location approved by the utility. When an off-site location is chosen, Charah Solutions will perform the due diligence necessary to ensure the same level of professionalism and environmental care is exercised as at utility-owned locations. Charah Solutions has the direct experience to recommend the best solutions to meet customer needs.

Other Byproduct Disposal

In addition, Charah Solutions can handle a wide variety of combustion byproducts including:

Bottom Ash

We specialize in the recycling and beneficial use of bottom ash, handling all or any part of the operation, from processing and screening for sales to facilitating an economical disposal. Our integrated approach includes excavation of bottom ash from the pond, dewatering and disposal in compliance with all landfill permit requirements.

FGD Gypsum Disposal

The synthetic gypsum created through a flue gas desulfurization (FGD) scrubber treatment process requires specific handling solutions tailored to the physical characteristics and operating conditions of that material. Charah Solutions ensures proper handling and placement, and can assist with the planning of a structurally stable and compliant synthetic gypsum storage facility.

FSS/Pozatec Disposal

Many power plants rely on Charah Solutions’ expertise to handle the fixated scrubber sludge (FSS) and stabilized sludge mixtures that are the result of FGD. Whether your site generates a large volume of FGD and FSS byproducts, or a small quantity, Charah Solutions has the experience to provide low-cost alternatives for handling the byproduct, as well as recommending an approach that delivers optimum value for your operation.

FBC Ash Disposal

Charah Solutions has experience with fluidized bed combustion (FBC) ash and dealing with its reactivity to ensure a safe and economical disposal.

Coal Gasification Slag

We have experience to assure optimum utilization and management of your coal gasification slag.

IGCC Slag Beneficiation

Charah Solutions has experience in the field of Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC) slag beneficiation and is able to address the recycling needs of the coal gasification power industry with our patented processing system.

Charah Solutions strives to remove the burdens associated with CCR management at the utility level. We take control of CCRs at the source and deliver them to a landfill or a processing system that we operate while managing the entire process. More importantly, as an innovator in the beneficial use of coal combustion products (CCPs), we can potentially reduce the amount of land needed to dispose of products and turn the CCPs into materials that can be used. Whether it is collecting and transporting CCRs to a landfill or operating a beneficiation process, Charah Solutions delivers the desired results for our customers.