In addition to Charah Solutions’ innovative solutions to meet the proposed new regulatory approaches, such as PondX®, Charah Solutions also provides our utility customers with traditional solutions such as complete wet to dry conversions for the fly ash and bottom ash slurry streams.

Providing Customers With Traditional Solutions

Charah Solutions can provide complete design and installation of dry fly ash collection, conveyance and storage systems that will replace the wet collection and slurry systems found at many power plants.

Using industry proven mechanical equipment, Charah Solutions will design the collection system to maximize the use of existing mechanical collection equipment and provide dry conveyance systems to transport the fly ash to newly installed storage silos. Because of our hands-on experience in marketing and management of fly ash, we can deliver the right equipment to meet the plant’s needs for a reliable ash collection system.

Charah Solutions provides an economical package that includes a flexible mechanical system that accommodates efficiency for fast loading of conditioned fly ash. In addition, this system provides efficient loading for dry fly ash tankers where market needs dictate dry fly ash loading. Charah Solutions’ broad base of experience in handling all types of fly ash and all types of mechanical equipment has taught our engineering team where the capital and operating costs can be saved through the proper selection and design of efficient dry fly ash systems.

We know that time is money when it comes to fly ash handling and the system design can dramatically reduce the plant’s capital expenses and operating expenses.

Offering An Economic Way To Eliminate Wet Slurry

Charah Solutions’ wet to dry conversion systems offer an economical way to eliminate wet slurry of fly ash and switch to dry collection.

These systems are designed from the operating experience and lessons learned of many existing approaches installed at various utility sites under many different operating circumstances.

Before you entrust your system selection and design to a party without hands-on operating experience, call Charah Solutions and get the correct solution for your individual plant needs at an economical price. Our experience will save you money on the installation and will avoid mistakes in system design that can cost you both added operating expenses and reduced system functionality.

When you have operated as many systems as Charah Solutions, you know what works and what does not. Choose the right design and construction team to get your plant the best solution; choose Charah Solutions for your dry fly ash conversion project.