As part of our range of Total Gypsum Management (TGM) solutions, Charah Solutions operates synthetic gypsum management operations for power plants where gypsum is a routine by product of the flue gas desulfurization (FGD) and sulfur dioxide (SO2) compliance program. Because of the specific material handling characteristics common to synthetic gypsum produced by electric generating stations, we have developed handling solutions that are tailored to gypsum’s physical characteristics and operating conditions which are found in typical landfill permit operating plans. Charah Solutions’ experience in handling gypsum and complete management services ensures that the gypsum material is handled properly and placed in a manner that is structurally stable and compliant with good engineering practice for the unique material properties. We can assist the utility in properly designing the gypsum storage and management facilities to maximize the value of the landfill capacity.

Charah Solutions also operates gypsum railcar and barge loading operations to facilitate either disposal or utilization. Our hands-on experience in specific material handling techniques can ensure that power plants incorporate good management practices in facility design and operations. Contact Charah Solutions early in your program development to receive the maximum value of our operating experiences.

Innovative Gypsum Processing & Dewatering Solution – PondX®

In addition, Charah Solutions can provide complete management of utility scrubber byproducts including development, construction, installation and operations of gypsum processing and dewatering systems as part of our PondX® impoundment elimination solutions.

A byproduct from the FGD process, gypsum will exit the system as a slurry and enter the dewatering phase. Gypsum can be mechanically dewatered a number of different ways including the use of vacuum filters or centrifuges. Dewatering can result in a gypsum cake product which could have moisture levels as low as 5%. Our mechanical dewatering systems can control particle size, chloride content and removal of any other impurities.

Cost Saving Gypsum Marketing & Management

Charah Solutions provides synthetic gypsum marketing and management services for utilities and industrial customers in order to reduce or eliminate the costs associated with the management of this product. Whether providing operations support for onsite management or implementing innovative transportation and marketing solutions, Charah Solutions prides itself on delivering cost savings to our customers.