At various power plants for major utilities across the nation, Charah Solutions provides landfill management for FGD byproducts such as fixated scrubber sludge (FSS) and stabilized sludge mixtures. In addition, Charah Solutions performs comprehensive operations and maintenance for FGD processes including limestone delivery management and unloading, limestone crushing, slurry mixing, wastewater treatment, gypsum dewatering and loadout.

High volume management techniques and close collaboration with plant management provide maximum economic value to the utilities where we operate. Because of the sophisticated nature of FGD operations equipment coupled with Charah Solutions’ deep experience with the unique material handling characteristics of FGD and FSS products, Charah Solutions can provide the optimum program for FGD equipment operations and maintenance as well as byproduct production and sales or disposal services at a landfill. We can manage the difficult byproducts while ensuring landfill placement meets permit conditions.

Whether your site has large volume generation of FGD and FSS products or small volume handling requirements, Charah Solutions can provide a low-cost alternative for all of your FGD management and operations needs.