Our MultiPozz™ pozzolan, manufactured using patented grinding technology, extends our complete portfolio of supplementary cementitious materials (SCMs), providing a continuous, reliable supply of pozzolan to concrete producers and other customers.

MultiPozz pozzolan is the ideal cement replacement ingredient for the production of concrete to provide added strength, durability, improved finish, and consistent performance in concrete. It also reduces your overall carbon footprint, reduces cement cost, conserves natural resources, and minimizes environmental impact.

Your Complete SCM Solution.

Our complete portfolio of SCMs, gives cement producers the product and performance advantages needed to stay ahead of the competition. Charah Solutions provides technical consultation, information and support services relating to the manufacturing of natural pozzolan, processed natural pozzolan and coal combustion byproducts and relating to testing, analysis and evaluation of products featuring natural pozzolan, processed natural pozzolan and coal combustion byproducts.

Our lineup includes:

  • High-quality Class C fly ash
  • High-quality Class F fly ash
  • MultiCem™ slag cement
  • Bottom ash
  • Gypsum
  • IGCC slag
  • MultiPozz pozzolan

MultiPozz pozzolan is distributed throughout Charah Solutions’ MultiSource® materials network of nearly than 40 nationwide locations, with international sourcing and distribution, that provide ready mix concrete producers and other customers a continuous and reliable supply of SCMs.

Our Advanced Patented Grinding Technologies For Pozzolans And Slag Cement.

Charah Solutions provides a proven, patented technology for grinding granulated blast furnace slag (GBFS) to create supplementary cementitious materials.

Charah Solutions proprietary grinding mills can be installed for a fraction of the cost of competing technologies and can be scaled up or down to meet market demands. This smaller, modular, scalable, and mobile technology allows Charah Solutions to serve customers in markets where the supply of fly ash or other SCMs is limited or being sold at an unnecessary premium. It will expand the use of both GBFS and Pozzolan in a very cost-effective way, especially in small and distant markets.

Charah Solutions technology is more cost-effective, regardless of the volume of SCMs needed, and designed to be a flexible system with the ability to add capacity as a market grows.

Lower initial capital and operating costs, along with a smaller process footprint, allow Charah Solutions to provide a more rapid deployment of the grinding technologies in multiple markets to expand the supply of SCMs to the manufacturers of concrete products to improve its strength, durability, improved finishability and consistency of performance.

To get MultiPozz, fly ash or any of our other SCMs, or if you need product specification, just contact us.

• MultiSource is a trademark of Charah, LLC in the United States.