Founded in 1987 and based in Louisville, KY, Charah Solutions is a leading provider of mission-critical environmental and maintenance services to the power generation industry. We provide on-site, essential services that enable our customers to continue operations and provide necessary electric power to communities nationwide. Today, we have operations in over 50 coal-fired and nuclear power generation sites across the country and routinely handle or beneficiate more than 15 million tons of ash each year.

With 30 years of experience, Charah Solutions brings sustainable solutions and a higher level of service to your business. When you put Charah Solutions on the job, you gain a valued partner who shares your priorities for safety, environmental responsibility, and who is totally committed to meeting every deadline and every budget. You also get the market leader in providing results for beneficial use projects and many other innovative solutions.


Our experience working in wide variety of utility locations and applications, and complying with a diverse set of environmental regulations, has allowed us to earn the know-how to provide many business advantages. We have the dedicated staff, the equipment, and the experience to take your customer satisfaction to a whole new level.


Charah Solutions is the only service provider offering a suite of coal ash management and recycling, environmental remediation, and outage maintenance services. We also design and implement solutions for complex environmental projects (such as ash pond closures) and facilitate coal ash recycling through byproduct sales and other beneficial use services. We believe we are a partner-of-choice for the power generation industry due to our industry-leading quality, safety and compliance record, all of which are key criteria for our customers.

The core service areas where Charah Solutions excels include:

Maintenance and Technical Services:

Our Maintenance and Technical Services segment offerings are most closely associated with the ongoing operations of power plants. Whether in the form of daily environmental management or daily on-site maintenance and outage services, our teams are embedded within our customers facilities working side-by-side with their staff to ensure smooth and efficient operations of some of their most valuable generation assets.

Fossil Services
Nuclear Services

Environmental Solutions:

Our Environmental Solutions segment includes Remediation and Compliance Services, as well as Byproduct Sales. Remediation and Compliance Services is associated with our customers’ need for multiyear environmental improvement and sustainability initiatives, whether driven by proactive engagement by power generation customers, by regulatory requirements or by consumer expectations and standards. Byproduct Sales supports both our power generation customers’ desire to profitably recycle recurring volumes of coal combustion residuals (CCRs) and our ultimate end customers’ need for high-quality, cost-effective raw material substitutes.

Remediation and Compliance Services
Byproduct Sales