Environmental Risk
Transfer Service Flyer


Charah® Solutions is the only company in the power generation industry that can offer one-stop services for your entire portfolio of Environmental Risk Transfer projects. We have the financial resources to support the transaction, we have the skill to effectively manage the environmental risk and we have the team that can safely remediate your site, all while also substantially lowering your cost model.

Our depth and breadth of risk transfer expertise, capabilities and services are good news for utilities who will ultimately need to retire and decommission their older, un-utilized, or non-profitable generating assets while maximizing the value of the assets and eliminating environmental liabilities.

Our range of services for Environmental Risk Transfer and post-closure obligations include the following capabilities:

  • Management of the entire project from site purchase to remediation and re-development.
  • Remediation of the coal combustion residual (CCR) ponds and landfills.
  • Marketing of coal combustion products (CCPs).
  • Demolition services to bring down the power plant structures and perform asbestos abatement.
  • Third party environmental services to perform due diligence prior to legal transfer of the property.
  • Insurance relationships to assist with the assessment of risk, and utilize the best methods to maximize insurance protection.
  • Design engineering for site remediation and third party CQA/CQC testing services.
  • Assess site re-development potential and help manage the re-development process.

To meet the needs of your organization, Charah Solutions brings together a full and comprehensive team to professionally review each site’s particular liabilities followed by a turnkey proposal that includes a remediation action plan and a re-purpose plan for the property.