Gypsum management and sales is another keystone of the services that Charah Solutions provides for our customers. Gypsum can offer tremendous value to various market applications, and Charah Solutions is adept at evaluating the potential for gypsum byproducts and defining a targeted marketing program that maximizes tons sold and value generated. Whether it is wallboard, cement manufacturing, agriculture applications or other gypsum uses, Charah Solutions has the knowledge and expertise to effectively place the gypsum product in the appropriate markets.

Charah Solutions engineers, system designers and operators understand the chemistry and environmental considerations when creating a market and generating sales for the gypsum product. Our marketing staff will help match your gypsum product to the right re-use application. To add efficiency to the value chain, Charah Solutions also has the experience and resources to help you transport the gypsum products in the most economical mode, whether by truck, rail or barge. Charah Solutions will invest resources to install capital equipment that allows gypsum to be introduced directly into end-use or into customer-owned material-handling systems. To expand the sales tonnage, Charah Solutions participates across the entire value chain to enhance the success rate for the coal combustion products (CCPs).