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At Charah Solutions, we market Class C fly ash and Class F fly ash from locations across the country. Our dedicated ash marketing team has a national presence and is honored to work with many of the nation’s largest utilities. With deep experience in cement, fly ash, concrete, civil engineering, and chemical engineering, our sales team is known for its unrelenting focus on customer service, QA/QC, safety and logistics support including a national network for barge, rail and truck.

Utilizing fly ash in concrete and other products not only eliminates the need to dispose of fly ash in landfills but also conserves our natural resources by substituting for materials that would typically be mined. In addition, the beneficial use of CCPs can meet Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program requirements.

Charah Solutions currently markets fly ash in multiple states for:

Partial replacement of cement in ready-mix concrete and concrete products including concrete block, concrete pipe and precast concrete products

Flowable fill projects including filling old sewer pipes and underground tanks instead of excavating for replacement

Bagging of dry materials for use in the do-it-yourself market including concrete repair, patching and new surface applications

Soil stabilization for bearing capacity improvement

Solidification and drying of non-toxic wastes for delivery to approved landfills

Charah Solutions is also able to design and install dry ash conversion systems for fly ash to support the development of ash marketing programs and to eliminate wet slurry ash handling systems.

Charah Solutions has formed Ash Venture, LLC, a joint venture with Separation Technologies LLC, to provide the most consistent and reliably available low-carbon fly ash. This fly ash allows for better control of concrete mixtures, fewer batch-plant and job-site delays, fewer rejected loads of concrete and superior, predictable in-place concrete properties. Please contact us for more information.