Fly Ash Management

Charah provides extensive operating experience and capital fleet equipment to efficiently manage fly ash operations at coal-fired power plants with the least cost impact. Our commitment to environmental compliance and risk management adds value beyond the reduced operating costs.

With over 15 million tons of ash management completed each year, Charah is experienced in handling various site conditions, permit requirements and production variables, allowing us to design the optimum operating program for each power plant situation. Whether the plant need involves active ponds, closed or converted ponds or constructed landfills, Charah can bring directly related experience to focus on the customer need. Our equipment fleet can manage the toughest applications and our experience ensures an appropriate operational response.

Bottom Ash Management

Charah operates bottom ash management at many utility sites where we specialize in recycling and beneficial use operations. Whether our onsite activity is handling bottom ash for processing and sales or facilitating economical disposal, Charah brings substantial experience to each phase of the handling and management process. Our personnel provide loading, hauling and placement of bottom ash at the host power plant disposal site or at an economical alternative site arranged and approved by the utility. Charah’s environmental due diligence on off-site disposal sites, when required, allows our utility partners to feel assured that the site is managed with the same level of professionalism and environmental care that Charah provides for utility-owned landfill sites.

In addition, at bottom ash dewatering facilities, Charah provides excavation of bottom ash ponds as part of its integrated operations. Bottom ash removed from ponds is dewatered and then disposed of in compliance with all landfill permit requirements. For the toughest of bottom ash handling sites, Charah can provide a solution that is safe, environmentally effective and economical.