EnviroSource® Innovative Thermal Process Technology for Fly Ash Beneficiation

As the U.S. electricity supply mix adjusts to regulatory and energy market changes, the availability of coal combustion products (CCPs) to support construction of infrastructure projects is demanding innovative solutions to recover and process CCPs. Concrete producers face an ongoing challenge of consistently sourcing the quality and supply of usable fly ash they need, while utility companies look for ways to reduce landfill material and increase fly ash productivity while making their operations more sustainable. Until now, technology solutions have been massive and immobile, expensive to operate, with an extensive timeframe for setup.

Charah Solutions offers a proprietary fly ash thermal beneficiation technology that improves the quality of fly ash produced at electric utilities and increases supply of marketable fly ash to concrete producers nationwide.

The proven EnviroSource fly ash beneficiation technology allows for beneficiation of both wet and dry fly ash, reduces loss on ignition (LOI), ammonia, activated carbon, and moisture in fly ash at significantly lower cost profile than competing technologies. The EnviroSource fly ash thermal beneficiation technology can reliably and continuously process fly ash to:

  • Reduce LOI to < 3%
  • Reduce ammonia content to < 60 ppm
  • Reduce mercury to < 100 ppb
  • Reduce activated carbon and moisture

EnviroSource technology takes ash that is unusable and converts it to a consistent high-quality fly ash that meets industry specifications. The system can be installed at both operating and non-operating power plants to process current ash production or legacy ash stored in legacy ponds and landfills.

  • Significantly lower cost profile than competitive technologies
  • Efficient footprint with self-contained environmental controls that can be deployed in months versus years
  • Modular design and scalability allow for production of 40,000 to 200,000 tons per year
  • Cost-effective installation and operation
  • Also allows for the processing of kiln dust to remove mercury for emissions regulations compliance


EnviroSource fly ash beneficiation technology is an innovative technology advancement that serves a clear need for cost-effective, efficient and sustainable solutions that can be scaled up or down based on the beneficiation needs at a particular pond or site. With the proven EnviroSource technology, Charah Solutions can beneficiate out of spec fly ash, increase supply of high-quality ash to the market and add value to utilities.

In addition, EnviroSource technology enhances Charah Solutions’ MultiSource® materials network, a unique distribution system of more than 25 locations nationwide, with international sourcing and distribution, which provides a continuous and reliable supply of supplementary cementitious materials for ready mix concrete producers and other customers throughout the U.S.

For additional information on EnviroSource fly ash beneficiation technology, including test data results, download our EnviroSource “Cost-Effective Ash Beneficiation Technology” technical whitepaper.

MultiSource is a registered trademark of Charah, LLC in the United States.