Miami Fort and Zimmer MultiSource® Network Increases Fly Ash Availability


With a bundled service offering, Charah® Solutions began coal combustion residuals (CCR) operations and coal combustion products (CCP) sales from the Vistra Miami Fort and Zimmer Power Plants in Ohio on January 1, 2017. Charah Solutions further expanded services at the Miami Fort Station in 2018 by taking over all operations and maintenance of the Plant FGD system.

Charah Solutions’ fly ash sales footprint was expanding into New York, Massachusetts and New Jersey through rail shipments from Miami Fort and into the deep South through barge shipments from Zimmer. In order to satisfy an ever-increasing customer demand, a reliable solution was necessary to continue to economically satisfy the local fly ash market.


Charah Solutions deployed and expanded its MultiSource® materials network which is a strategic and unique distribution system of multiple sourcing locations nationwide to ensure a steady and reliable supply of fly ash for ready-mix concrete producers and large construction projects. Charah Solutions customers located in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana are now supplied with the same reliability they were accustomed to with the Miami Fort and Zimmer Plants previously, while customers in the Northeast and deep South enjoy the same reliability.


Producers are now able to reliably purchase quality fly ash through the Charah Solutions MultiSource network in the Midwest, Northeast and deep South. Charah Solutions dramatically reduced the need to landfill high quality fly ash at Miami Fort or Zimmer saving our utility partners both expense and valuable landfill space.

MultiSource® is a trademark of Charah, LLC. in the United States.