Sep 08

Charah Solutions Article “Global Raw Materials” Featured in ASHES Magazine

The latest Charah Solutions article, “Global Raw Materials,” featured in ASHES magazine, details this dynamic market and how recent global drivers such as government regulations, weather, the COVID-19 pandemic and geopolitical events affect product availability, price and supply chain profiles. As a result, the growing connectivity of global markets and the efficient pricing and supply of Global Raw Materials are more complex and essential than ever.

With dedicated international resources, Charah Solutions is recognized as a leading Global Raw Materials Sales and Services partner with sourcing, logistics and infrastructure capabilities to procure, transport, manage and facilitate quality cement manufacturing raw materials and supplementary cementitious materials (SCMs) sales transactions worldwide. Charah Solutions’ Global Raw Materials Sales experience ensures customers have the products they need to meet demand at the right price. Charah Solutions utilizes its unique MultiSource® materials network to procure and supply all materials from both international and U.S. sources, and regularly works with associations and customers to analyzes data sources and assess forecasted changes in market size as well as potential risks to specific material sales.

Charah Solutions’ product portfolio of Cement Manufacturing Raw Materials and SCMs include fly ash, bottom ash and alumina sources such as bauxite, clay and various slag options, as well as silica fume and pozzolan for cement and concrete manufacturing on a global basis. In addition, Charah Solutions offers a variety of iron sources including copper and zinc slags, iron rich materials (IRM), mill scale, steel slag and iron ore. Other offerings include various abrasives and natural and synthetic gypsum.

With the constant change of market dynamics, the ability to optimize per customer needs and market demand is an integral part of the supply chain analysis and procurement process. These factors combined with a broad materials portfolio, experienced sales support, logistics management and a global network are what make Charah Solutions a leader in the global raw materials industry.

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