May 25

Charah Solutions Article “The Green Attributes of FGD Gypsum” Featured in ASH At Work Magazine

The latest feature article, “The Green Attributes of FGD Gypsum,” in American Coal Ash Association’s (ACAA) ASH At Work magazine, written by Charah Solutions Vice President of Operations, Eric Effinger, P.E., PMP, details the beneficial use of raw gypsum byproduct sold to manufacturing plants, where it is used in residential and commercial construction projects for the production of drywall and an additive to concrete, plaster, and stucco. Raw gypsum byproduct is also sold to growers, who beneficially use it as agricultural fertilizer to enhance soil health and improve plant nutrition. Gypsum is a great example of sustainability in action as the beneficial use of gypsum and other coal combustion products (CCPs) conserves virgin resources and water, reduces greenhouse gases, and decreases landfill disposal, all while providing essential recycled products that contribute to the growth of our economy and land remediation for the community.

Recycling more than 2.58 million tons of ash and other supplementary cementitious materials (SCMs) each year, Charah Solutions is proud of the role it plays in helping dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions, conserve water and virgin resources, and lower the volume of materials sent to landfills. We beneficially recycle gypsum to produce drywall and fertilizer, as well as recycle ash into green concrete and environmentally sound structural fill projects that return thousands of acres of land to the community for recreational or commercial use. In 2020 alone, per the EPA WARM model, Charah Solutions saved 2.24 million tons of CO2 from entering the atmosphere through the recycling of these

As federal and state guidelines around the recycling of CCPs, including gypsum, become more defined and mandated, utilities need to focus beyond the recycling of ash into the concrete industry for their byproduct marketing efforts. With growing demand for construction projects, as well as increased construction material prices, the future of gypsum use in recycled materials, including wallboard and crop fertilizer, will continue to grow. As a result, there is great opportunity for byproduct marketing organizations, as well as utilities that look to meet environmental goals as well as state and federal regulations to recycle more byproducts.

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“The Green Attributes of FGD Gypsum” Feature Article