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Dec 23

Charah Solutions Article On “The Importance of Logistics in Ash Marketing” And Case Study On B.C. Cobb Generating Facility ERT Project Featured In ASH At Work Magazine

Charah Solutions is highlighted twice in the latest issue of the American Coal Ash Association’s (ACAA) ASH at Work magazine. The magazine’s feature article, “The Importance of Logistics in Ash Marketing” written by Vice President of Byproduct and Material Sales, Rob Reynolds, discusses the challenges in ensuring CCPs (fly ash) arrive when and where they are needed, while maintaining competitive pricing, consistent quality, and continuous supply for concrete producers through our MultiSource® materials network. Our experience to balance the supply chain and ensure logistics remain economical are crucial elements of our go-to market strategy to maximize fly ash utilization for the benefit of both our utility and concrete producer customers. Click “The Importance of Logistics in Ash Marketing” to read the full article.

The case study in this same issue details Charah Solutions’ most recent Environmental Risk Transfer (ERT) project with Consumers Energy. Through our MERG subsidiary, we took ownership of the ash ponds at Consumers’ former B.C. Cobb Generating Facility site in Muskegon, Michigan and the coal combustion residuals (CCR) materials are being excavated and beneficially used as necessary fill material in Consumers Energy’s licensed J.C. Weadock Landfill in Essexville, Michigan, lowering the cost for Consumers and its customers. Click “B.C. Cobb Generating Facility and J.C. Weadock Landfill” to read the full case study or to learn more about our ERT services click

Click below to download and view the feature article or case study.


“The Importance of Logistics in Ash Marketing” Feature Article

“B.C. Cobb Generating Facility and J.C. Weadock Landfill” Case Study

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